Do You Have What It Take to Change Careers?

UPCOMING PRESENTATION: Ready to Change Careers? Time to Re-invent Yourself!

(This presentation is available for your professional organization)
Presented at Beyond Networking – STL

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

1. What does it take to change careers?

2.  How to deal with push back and dismay from others?

3. Can you change careers with no savings?

4. How to overcome lack of industry experience.

5.  How to overcome skill set deficits that you will need for your new career.

6.  Why building an Ideal Profile FIRST (of skills, values, working conditions and interests) will generate better career change ideas.

7.  After receiving feedback from the market that the odds don’t look good…now what?

Career Change Can Be Dramatic: I worked with a helicopter pilot who after much soul searching became a graphic artist and I worked with a medical doctor who launched a specialty travel business, based on his life-long interest.

Career Change Can Be Less Dramatic:  I worked with a leader who learned how to move from non-profits to for profit work and I worked with a life scientist who learned how to move into sales with no experience, yet in the same field.

What does it take to change careers? Usually it’s that moment of truth when you can’t take it anymore. You know the grind you were in, or the disrespect and the whining, or the fact that you are becoming a dinosaur because your work isn’t in demand anymore. It could be that you woke up one day and realized that your favorite teacher told you to be an accountant and she was wrong! Or you’ve been getting this nudge that’s says it’s time to do what you were meant to do all along. Or you realized that life is passing you by with the kids and the mortgage and all those other responsibilities and while that’s all very important to you, you see that you’ve seriously neglected the very things that bring you joy. You don’t have to have a mid-life crisis and lose it all. You can plan out your career and have a completely satisfying life.

Bring your questions. Highly interactive event.

Shary Raske
Facilitator, Speaker, and Leader of Career Change

I offer Executive Programs, Career Change Initiatives, and Job Search Strategies. My goal is to get professionals where they want to be with focus and direction.

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