Success Metrics – Does Your Plan Add Up?

Professionals looking for work need four tools: A plan, a focus, action, and accountability.  If you have the wrong plan, or the wrong focus, or the wrong action, who is going to tell you? That’s where accountability comes in. Success metrics evaluate results. Those results are usually measured by time or units of activity.

First define what units of activity you will be using. How many networking meetings will you have a week? Most people who are job searching full time set a goal between 5 – 10 a week. Decide how many job applications you want to complete each week. Then you will have something to measure with your accountability partner. If you do not consider yourself very organized, commit to doing 3 things a day no matter what. One activity might only take 5 minutes, another 5 hours. Units of activity are not defined by time.

Once you start a daily routine, do not stop. Don’t ask me why, but it’s been my experience that if you shut your search down a week, it will take three weeks to recapture the same level of momentum you had before.

Linear thinkers often prefer organizing themselves by time. You decide how much time you can spend on your career transition project and then plug it into your calendar.  Working 25 hours a week will FEEL like 40 hours a week; a job search just takes more recovery time than a regular full time job.

Regardless if you use “units of activity” versus “units of time”, your plan is designed to build momentum.  If you aren’t seeing results after 60 days, seek out an outside expert, like me, who can help re-direct your efforts. Let’s face it. There’s a learning curve to being proficient at a job search. If you are out of practice you could be making costly mistakes and not even know it.

Here is a sample of possible weekly Success Metrics:

8 – Face-to-Face Networking Meetings

3 – LinkedIn Networking Meetings

4 – Job Applications Completed and Submitted

1 – Conversation with a Recruiter

4 Hours of Market Research and Understanding How to Use Business Databases

1 – Professional Association Meeting

Establishing a 1:2 Ratio. For Every One Person you Meet Gain 2 Additional Introductions

1 Conversation with your Accountability Partner

1 Hour to Prepare your Plan for Next Week

What will your plan be? And how will you know it’s the right plan for you?


Is it time to bring in an outside career expert, like me? Tell me about your current situation by calling 314-560-1088.  If you ARE ready to get started now, sign up for my two-hour diagnostic session that will pinpoint what’s getting in the way and receive recommendations on how to fix that. Why wait? Ready To Get Started?

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