Want Shary as your Speaker?

Whether your group is 30, 300 or 3000 people, Shary Raske will bring both laughter and learning.  Her in-house presentations focus on your specific business issues. She is known as a facilitator, challenger, teacher, and speaker.  

She presents to associations, groups, and at conferences with lively insights and humor. Shary listens, asks questions, and does pre-event surveys to ensure your program or training is exactly what you want.

She presented to an MBA Association for five consecutive years as well as many university, non-profit and business groups. Participants report that they leave with better ideas for the courageous change they want. Below are some programs that are in most demand.  Yet custom programs are just a phone call away.  Call 314-560-1088 to get started or complete the form above.

Here are some frequently requested topics:

Courageous Career Change / Courageous Influence

Courageous Change programs include the six steps to positive change that include the hope of risking, creating the ideal change state, determining feasibility, deciding next steps, courageous action, and integrating the change with other life priorities. She also discusses the principles of momentum that include accountability, conceptual mastery, and emotional self-care. They are available as facilitated groups, keynote speech, break-out sessions, or all day retreats. If your organization is ready for a better change outcome, call Shary Raske to begin that conversation.

Courageous Communication: Why Aren’t They Listening to Me?

Courageous Communication is about speaking the truth from a place of power and influence.  Longer programs include the seven communication distortions, ways to gain clarity and understanding faster.  These distortions may include: perceived lack of power, historical expectations, unbending beliefs, attitude filters, lack of context, time constraints, and emotional charge.  Shary also teaches participants how to tell who they are and what they want in less than 17 seconds.  Another feature of Courageous Communication is showcasing different communication styles and how to adapt to each for a greater repertoire of influence. Ready to experience better communication outcomes?  Call Shary to begin that conversation.

Encouraging the Encourager, (How to Prevent Burnout)

Encouraging the Encourager presents seven concrete tools for preventing burnout that are both innovative and practical. One of them is healthy therapeutic humor…as is therapeutic screaming!  However, if you choose to scream, please warn your co-workers first.  Sometimes you will witness burnout when professionals constantly work outside of their physical and emotional limits.  Shary brings her personal experience as a caregiver for seven years while also working full-time as a helping professional.  This program isn’t theory. If too much stress is bringing your organization down, learn how to survive and thrive, despite the unrelenting demands on your time.  For more information, call Shary.

Courageous Comedy: Laugh More! Do More!

Courageous Comedy is designed for organizations to lighten up and help the organization be a better place to work. When used correctly humor can actually help organizations be more productive.  Shary Raske demonstrates how ha-ha moments transform into ah-ha moments that convert to more options to getting things done.  This program may rattle the executive who thinks that the only way to be in the world of work is to be serious.  After all it is called “work”.  Yet playfulness is the key for many leaders’ success.  Participants leave with three new productivity tools:  1. Breaking roadblocks with humor, 2. Using creative crankiness for strategic change, and 3. Releasing untapped options through the fusion of opposites.  For more information call Shary.

Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership addresses how overlooked assumptions and preferred communication styles can result in costly mistakes. Customized options with these topics:

  1. Adapting quickly to economic / market changes
  2. Understanding why you aren’t being heard during change initiatives,
  3. Controlling negative effects of personal and professional stress
  4. Recovering from mistakes in the decision making process

For more information, call Shary at 314-560-1088.