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Not getting job interviews? It could be your resume. Here are some common mistakes
Job Hunters make

Don’t make it about you – “An aspiring professional ready to join a company with an advancement track.” No! Instead of telling the reader what you want, highlight the contribution you will bring to your future employer.

You hire a resume writer who doesn’t know how to capture your unique voice and style, and now your resume no longer sounds like you. Who are you really? I can spot an inauthentically written resume from an outside source a mile away, and so can Human Resources.

You oversell your abilities by using the wrong adjectives, like “expert,” “strong,” or “accomplished”. These adjectives should only be used if you provide proof in your resume. Don’t tell me how good you are; show me with proof!

You are using an out of style, out of date resume that only includes your previous job descriptions. Outlining your responsibilities is not enough.

Your resume is not compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems. Did you know a software program scans and grades your resume? If you get a low score, you will go to the bottom of the candidate pile and probably will not get screened in for the job.


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It could be your job search strategy isn’t comprehensive enough. Here are some common mistakes job hunters make

You are only looking for publicly posted jobs. In some markets, only 25% of opportunities are advertised. If you are spending 100% of your job search efforts applying only to advertised job openings, you are missing 75% of available opportunities. If you don’t know how to access the hidden job market to find the majority of job openings, you could miss out on some great opportunities, and your job search will go much slower or stall completely.

You don’t have an occupational focus. “I could do anything” is not an effective approach to the market.

You haven’t analyzed why you might NOT get hired then develop strategies to overcome these obstacles.

You approach your job search with a haphazard, willy-nilly approach. You work 7 hours one day, 30 minutes the next, and then take a few days off. Consistency matters! Working 45 minutes consistently each day will build momentum faster than starting and stopping.

You don’t have defined success metrics to measure your progress or evaluate what’s working and what needs to be improved. Get organized with built in benchmarks. How many applications will you fill out each week? How many networking meetings will be workable for you? Are you enlisting others to be advocates for you? Are you hiding or procrastinating because you don’t know where to start?

You don’t have a career success action partner for accountability. It’s one thing if you let yourself down; it’s another when you let your action buddy
know you didn’t keep your promises.


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Some common mistakes that keep you from moving forward in getting the second interview

  1. You oversell your abilities without asking questions about what your future employer wants.
  2. Nervousness hides your best self.
  3. Talking about money too soon could knock you out of the screening process. Wait until you get the job offer. Get your future employer to give you a range. Don’t guess.
  4. You go into the interview unprepared for tough questions and just wing it.
  5. You don’t ask questions because you don’t know anything about the company.
  6. You fail to send a ‘Thank you’ note telling the employer you want the job. Worse yet, you fail to get the interviewer’s contact information, their job title, direct phone number, and email address, leaving you no way to follow up.


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Shary’s Career Success Projects give you a way to supercharge your resume to reflect:

Who You Are

What You Want

How your Accomplishments and natural talents can be matched with What the Market Wants.

Note: Shary is not a recruiter; instead, she gets you polished to stand out as the better candidate with recruiters and hiring managers

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Career Services

At Courageous Change, we offer a comprehensive range of career services designed to empower professionals. Whether you're looking to make a career change, advance in your current field, or improve your job-hunting strategies, our customized career success projects and expert guidance will support you in achieving your goals.

Our Career Services include

Job-Hunting Strategies

If you've been struggling to get interviews or improve how you interview or obtain quality job offers, our job-hunting strategies will fix that. We'll help you optimize your resume, enhance your interview skills, and navigate the job market with confidence.

Career Transition Projects

Are you considering a career change? Our in-depth process will help you determine transferable skills, values, interests, and ideal working conditions, guiding you towards a fulfilling future.

Salary Negotiation Coaching

Don't leave money on the table. Our salary negotiation coaching equips you with the skills and strategies to confidently negotiate your worth. We'll help you understand your value, navigate salary discussions, and secure the compensation package you deserve.

No matter what your career goals, we customize our programs to fit your unique goals. Our experienced career strategist will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized support and expert insights. With Courageous Change by your side, you can navigate career challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve the success you deserve.

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