Presentation Announcement – Success Through Failure

PRESENTATION: Success Through Failure

Here’s what you’ll be learning:
1. Using the Crisis of Failure to Your Benefit
2. Bouncing Back Isn’t as Easy as It Looks
3. Leading with Your Strengths and Interests
4. Discerning What Skills You Don’t Have in Place to Be Successful

What is Next in your life? What gets in the way of your success? How will you succeed if you are already feeling defeated? Bring your questions. Highly interactive event. Workbook provided.

Shary Raske
Facilitator, Speaker, and Career Change Leader
Professionals hire me when they need a better career strategy OR they are in a “wrong fit” job and are ready to get out, but don’t know how. I offer Job Search Strategies, Career Change Initiatives, and Executive Programs.
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Presented to Beyond Networking – STL on April 4, 2017. To bring this program to your organization or group call 314-560-1088


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