Make Some Mistakes, But Take Action Anyway

When you take action, plan ahead of time that you will not always get the result you want.

In fact, you may make a mistake or fail to enlist an important person into your cause. Plan ahead that you will want to forgive yourself and forgive others. You will make mistakes. The key is to bounce back quickly.

The tricky part is learning how to manage the fear, the panic and the self-loathing long enough to do ONE thing toward your job search. Remember, depression is a liar. If you listen to the part of you that is depressed, you might conclude you have nothing to offer, particularly if you have abused yourself with months and months of applying for jobs online and have nothing to show for it. It isn’t you. You just need a better strategy. You may have forgotten your greatness, but you can take slow and steady steps to get your confidence back.

It may take several weeks to build these basic PREPARATION steps:

  1. Develop strategies for emotional self-care, then implement daily.
  2. Take stock of your current skills, interests, and what is important to you.
  3. Evaluate what part of your work history you enjoyed. Give yourself permission to attract it again.
  4. Evaluate what part of your work history was abusive, depressing, or never quite right for you. Later, during job interviews, you will ask good questions. Be very alert, and listen to your gut so you don’t attract a bad job again.
  5. Take stock of your aptitudes and activities you do effortlessly.
  6. Learn what kinds of occupations would express your skills, interests, and values.
  7. Rehearse ways to talk about yourself from a place of power. Memorize the positive things you will say and include your ideas of what kind of occupations you will explore. Build on what’s right for you.
  8. Develop ways to overcome any perceived liabilities you might have including being out of work longer than a year, job-hopping, age, gender, race, religion, chronic illness, or hospitalizations. Each perceived liability needs a strategy to prevent it from becoming a barrier to getting the job you want.

I promise to read an inspiring book or watch an inspiring movie where the hero comes from behind and wins. My promise is to make mistakes and try again. Write down your best guess of mistakes you will make. Mistakes come in many shapes and sizes. Draw a shape (a mud puddle, lightning bolt, triangle, or some other shape). Then draw a fence around them and keep them contained.

Guide my actions so that my confidence will be restored. Give me the courage to look inside and find the good. Help me to take stock of my life and then commit to attracting what’s right for me. Amen!

Only you can decide when it’s time to bring in an outside career expert, like me.
Tell me about your current situation by calling 314-560-1088 or if you are ready to get started now, go ahead and sign up for my two-hour diagnostic session that will pinpoint what’s getting in the way and how to fix it. Advance with a planning intensive. Ready To Get Started?

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