Keep Your Promises – Optimism Builders

Feeling good about yourself can be as simple as keeping your promises and then noticing.

There are a couple of ways to notice. First report weekly to your success team you have created around your job search. Second record when you keep your promises into your career transition journal. You are creating tangible evidence that you are not sitting still.
take action on your job search

A job search is the ultimate in delayed gratification. Focus on action taken and promises kept, not the results of your action. So many things are out of your control. Will they return your calls? Will they like you? Will they bring you back for a second interview? If you focus on what you cannot control, the optimism that you’ve built will fade. If you want to build optimism, keep your promises.

Keep a journal and write in it daily. Write down the promises you have kept, promises for a future date, promises you can do alone, and promises you will do with the support of others. Journals are very handy because you can whine, complain, or rage to your heart’s content. (That way those negative feelings are less likely to be expressed during a job interview.) Write about your successes, too. This journal is for you. Something happens when you write honestly about how your day is going. It often will give you insights on what to do next. In my experience, job hunters find work faster and with less suffering if they commit to writing in a journal every day.

Today I promise to buy a journal and daily. I will write down the promises I have kept.

Help me to keep my promises today. Let me focus more on what I can control and less on what I can’t. Thank you for the opportunity for me to write down my feelings, successes, mistakes, and my dreams. Amen!

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