There is a special kind of magic as you watch the night sky light up with millions of stars. You are one of those stars, rising up with a special kind of genius at any age.  By night you incubate and reflect. By day you dive deep to soar high. With the right approach and the right plan you will shine even brighter. You know you have so much to give in your career and your life. If you want to soar even higher, have more freedom, more adventure, more control, then work with Courageous Change to make that happen.

Where are you on the journey of life and what are your unique goals?

  • SOAR AT 25

    You are ambitious.  You have been working in your first professional  job for three years now and your manager still calls you kid.  You have great ideas, but no one listens because they think you are too young to make a meaningful contribution.  Big mistake on their part, but how to wield enough influence to be heard?  That’s where I come in.  With the right plan and the right approach you may be able to advance.  More importantly, with the right plan and the right approach, you can become a valued member of the team.  Let’s say the personality of the organization doesn’t want to change, won’t budge on promoting you in two years, because policy is three years.  Or for instance, a company just lost $1,000,000  because they did not value your analysis, and by the time older workers found the mistake, it was no longer a little problem, but a great big problem, what do you do?  If you cannot shift their perception, then it’s time to look elsewhere.  “I told you so” doesn’t help.  It is time to attract an opportunity where you are valued. 

  • SOAR AT 35

    You are 35.  You are ambitious.  You have worked for two great companies, both have given you opportunity to advance and you have!  Do you want to advance into a better leadership role?  Do you want to grow professionally where you are?  Will your current employer give you that opportunity?  If yes, how will you make that happen?  If your strategies are not working, you have three options.  1.  Stay put and keep trying, 2. Stay put and hire me to come up with better strategies, or 3.  Move on.  As a career strategist I evaluate with fresh eyes, what you have tried and why it isn’t working.  And I can get you up to speed with the most effective job search plan possible so you won’t lose valuable time making mistakes that could cost you time, money, and opportunity.  And with me, if you want to activate a job search, doesn’t it make sense to have a top-notch salary negotiation coach on your side? 

  • SOAR AT 45

    You are 45.  You are ambitious.  By now you have children if you wanted children, and are dividing your time between family and work.  By now your 20 years of experience is highly valued, yet you want more.  On top of that, 45 is the age where you reassess if you are doing what you truly want to do, or only meeting the wants and needs of your family.  You might be asking yourself, can I do both?  If the answer is “yes”, we can put together a plan to ensure your needs are met along with your family’s.  Are you the person you want to be on the job and off the job?  Or have you reached a sense of mastery or boredom?  You don’t necessarily want to leave where you are, but you need strategies so you don’t create mischief. Or you realize that you need to make more money if you are going to meet your retirement needs.  Working with a career strategist, like me, with experience in these issues, can really make any change you want to make go faster. 

  • SOAR AT 55

    You are 55.  You are ambitious.  You sense that you are being pushed out, but you are not ready to hang up your skills sets yet. You are a voracious learner and have a lot more to give.  You need a place to contribute.  Don’t kid yourself; age discrimination is real, but sadly the worst type of age discrimination is what you do to yourself. That can be addressed so it doesn’t limit you in what you want to attract. On the other hand, you may be considering retiring, too.  You have planned well, yet still want to be involved in the world of work.  What does that look like for you?  A skilled career strategist, like me, can walk you through a process that will help you decide what’s right for you. 

  • SOAR AT 65

    You are 65.  You are ramping up, not ramping down. Courageous Change resources are a great fit, if you are still ramping up.  This means you want to work and learn and contribute.  You may choose a part-time side business, or a new business launch altogether.  You may want a portable career so you can travel more.  You may wish to activate a full-time job search.  You don’t want to be held back by inaccurate age stereotypes.  You have an amazing work ethic and you are ready to get going.