As a Job Hunter [even if you are doing everything right], you will experience anger, discouragement, rejection and panic at least once. Why not plan for those feelings in advance? Chin Up Chin Out Job Search

  • Both supports you through those difficult feelings,
  • And offers you pragmatic, easy to follow job search instruction.

It’s a ‘How to’ book with plenty of encouragement and fun, yet helpful exercises along the way. A great resource if you want to accelerate your search. Available at any bookstore or on Amazon.

Chin Up Chin Out Job Search and receive coaching on the core elements of a great resume, and why building a perfect resume will slow you down.

Hope for the Discouraged Job Hunter!

This book is written for the thousands of job hunters who are down, but not out, and want to be happy and working again. Discouragement gunks up the gears of success. Yet it is part of the human experience. It takes practice and support keep your chin up. As a job hunter, you will experience Anger, Depression, and Panic at least once. Plan for it. This book is intended to encourage, support, and guide you through those feelings, while at the same time giving you pragmatic job search instruction.

This book is a highly interactive workbook. Take ownership over your job search by doing all the exercises, even if you don’t feel like it. One small action each day can make a huge difference in your search.

The hardest part is getting rejected after you have mustered up the courage to ask for what you want. Plan for it. Try again. That’s why this book is called, “Chin Up Chin Out Job Search.”

Get ready to learn how to job search, even if you’ve been knocked down a few times.
Don’t just read this book, interact with it, throw it up against the wall when you get mad,
and then take 3 positive actions a day toward your job search.

Available everywhere books are sold, and through Amazon.


Shary helped me through the transition into a new career after I was caught up in a "headcount reduction" from the company I'd spent 18+ years with. The way we search for jobs has changed drastically over the last few years, so having somebody with experience in "the before times" as well as "the now" was invaluable! Shary shed light on new résumé trends, interview and hiring practices 13 and so much more. It was wonderful to work with someone who so obviously cares about their clients and helping to smooth out their career transitions.
Shawn E.
Application Development Manager
Shary is brilliant and is the most knowledgeable and talented career coach I have ever met. She possesses a unique ability to listen attentively, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop tailored strategies to overcome challenges. It’s clear Shary’s commitment to her clients is second to none. I was fortunate to have her on my side during my career search.
Robert B
Sales Engineer | Air Force Veteran
I really appreciated Shary Raske serving as guest lecturer for my graduate-level Managerial Communication class at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her topic, Career Linguistics was thought-provoking for this group of ambitious MBA students. They learned a lot, particularly about the importance of key word analysis to strengthen their career trajectory. Thanks, Shary!
Marie E.
Communication Manager | MBA Instructor

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