Get Out of Bed, or Will Eeyore Ever Change?

Discouraged job hunters can sometimes isolate and tell the same sad stories over again and over again.

You want to find work, but you don’t think you can. Is it enough to go to a job search support group to fix that? Possibly.

What does a job search support group and the characters in Winnie the Pooh have in common?

• Pooh was a bear of little brain at the start of the story.
• Tigger bounced on people.
• Piglet was a very small animal, constantly afraid.
• Eeyore was a very despondent donkey who once lost his home.

Did any of them fundamentally change their personalities during each of their adventures? No! At the end of each story, Pooh was still a bear of little brain, Tigger was still bouncing, Piglet was still afraid, and Eeyore was still depressed.

Yet somehow, because they had each other, whatever peril they were in was resolved. The same is true for a job search. If you start your search as a basically pessimistic person, chances are that when you find work you will still be a basically pessimistic person. The difference between finding work and not finding work is support. That’s where job search support groups come in. Discouraged job hunters tend to isolate. Discouraged job hunters tend to tell the same sad stories. An honest, encouraging support group will guide you on how to tell a different story. Employers do not want to hear about your bad luck. They do not want to hear your sad story, even if it is a really good one. What they want from you is dedication, respect, and reassurance that you can do the job.

Find people who can help you tell a better story. Better yet, find people who you can support, too.

My promise today is to take one positive Action, even if it means just getting out of bed. What one positive Action will that be for you? Write it down, not just in your head; and then act, not necessarily in a bold way, but instead act in a small way.

Let me to accept my current situation exactly the way it is. Help me to know that it’s okay to be me, whether I am Pooh, or Tigger, or Piglet, or Eeyore. Give me the energy to find a job search support group or a trusted friend that will be part of this career transition experience. Thank you, God, for your support, too. Amen!

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