Take a hard look at what is going well with your life and what isn’t.

Are you making enough money?

Does your work interfere with your social life and your family?

Does your work give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction?

If someone were to look at your schedule, what would they say is most important to you? Are you managing your life courageously?

Today we are beginning a series of six posts about Your Focus, Your Plan, and Your Career.  Barbara Sher, a phenomenal guide and colleague to career change, just gave a presentation on TedX about why Isolation is a Dream Killer, Not Your Lousy Attitude.  She told the story of Ronnie, a pathetic loser, who everyone in her Change Group disliked. Ronnie was the least likely person to get what he wanted.

In some circles Ronnie would have been advised to visualize being a powerful, confident man, say affirmations and then focus on being a different person. Barbara uses a different approach.  She simply asked, “What do you want? What is getting in the way? And who might have solution to help?”

What do you want?  It could be as simple as wanting someone to shovel your snow for $20.  Or it could be as complex as wanting to move to Japan and teach English to adults.

Take a few minutes and write down 20 things you want.

I want_____

I want_____

I want_____

I want_____

I want_____

Once you have written down 20 things, what do you want the most?  What do you REALLY want?  Write it down even if it is unrealistic.  If you want it, write it down.

Focus on that single, most compelling “I want”.  Now ask yourself, “What obstacles prevent me from getting what I want?”  Is it money? Lack of confidence? Are you too old?  Too young?  Do you not know where the resources are to solve this obstacle?

Good news!  Money isn’t your problem.
Good news! Lack of confidence isn’t your problem.
Good news!  Being too old or too young isn’t your problem.

Let’s frame these issues where action is required:

What’s the best way to raise the money?

How can I take action despite my lack of confidence?

What are some ways to overcome the perception of being too old or too young?

Who knows where the resources are to get what I want?

Look at these professionals, “I wants:”

  • I want to be a CEO of a $250,000,000 manufacturing plant.
  • I want to change careers from process engineer to supply change management, even though I have no experience in this field and I’m 59.
  • I want to choose the right music for television shows even though I have no experience and I’m 27.
  • I want to make my living as a fashion designer.
  • I want to research and analyze big data to help my supervisors make better business decisions.

Now imagine each of these individuals came to you wanting your thoughts and ideas.  What would you suggest?  These are real people, by the way.

It’s amazing when framed this way, how willing people are to help.  But you have to ask.  When you ask, please, please, please don’t “Yes, but” stupid ideas or even good ideas.  Just listen, thank, and choose what will work for you, and then act.  And be grateful.  Send hand-written thank you notes to people who took the time to help.  They genuinely want to help, and they are always delighted when appreciated.

Manage your life courageously. Focus on what you want. Identify the obstacle. Choose solutions that makes the obstacle go away.

By the way, here’s a supportive community that meets every Tuesday morning in Saint Louis to help you get what you want.  And it’s free.  To find out when I’m speaking click here:  http://beyondnetworking-stl.org/

Who is Shary Raske? Shary is a Facilitator, Speaker, and Leader of Career Change.

Her passion is providing lasting solutions for people to soar high in their careers.  She’s been a Career Strategist for 20+ years. She offers Executive Programs, Career Change Systems, and Job Hunting Advice that get people where they want to be with focus and urgency.

She doesn’t offer quick fixes, but dives deep to what really matters. The Harvard Business Review is her favorite magazine.

Check out other resources at www.courageouschange.net.

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