Courageous Success Story: Right Fit Career

Let me share a recent success story. Mike is a rising star. But he hit a bump in the road when the direction he wanted to take the company didn’t match up with the owner’s vision. They had a parting of the ways and he sought me out.

Mike wanted to make sure that next time around he attracted a “Right Fit” opportunity. We worked together to create an ideal work profile and also to identify gaps that might prevent him from getting there. He wanted to be rewarded for his innovative thinking and the leadership he brought to the table. He wanted to give his future employer the most current operational efficiency methodologies and be rewarded for doing so. He was also open to re-location.

Mike led all his conversations with logic, and was surprised to learn that I had identified some emotional intelligence gaps that was getting in the way of his success. He learned how to better influence focusing on others’ needs, not just his.  He relied on me to soften his approach, yet still be able to present his case forcefully.

We strengthened his LinkedIn profile. He learned to reach out to other leaders to pave the way for him. Mike worked tirelessly to locate the “Right Fit” opportunity, and he found it four hours away in Kansas City.  He was particularly grateful for my salary negotiation coaching and negotiated $20,000 more than the original offer, and received 4 weeks of vacation instead of the originally offered 3. His new employer is covering all his relocation costs, too.

When you spend a third of your life at work, doesn’t it make sense to attract work that will make you happy?  Quick Question: Out of all the people you know, who is the next person you think wants a better career, too? They could be about to activate a job search and / or want to work with a career mentor on a specific work-related challenge.

Please feel free to give me a call at 314-560-1088 or reply to this email with their name and phone number. I promise to provide the same stellar service they deserve.

In the meanwhile,

Keep shining!


Shary Raske is a Facilitator, Speaker, and Leader of Career Change.

Her passion is providing lasting solutions for people to soar high in their careers. She’s been a Career Strategist for 20+ years. She offers Executive Programs, Career Change Systems, and Job Hunting Advice that get people where they want to be with focus and urgency. She doesn’t offer quick fixes, but dives deep to what really matters. 

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