Career Services 

What an adventure our working lives are! The drama of defeat, the triumph of accomplishment, getting recognized for a job well done, choosing to control your future are all traits of a successful career. Are you ready to be happier at work, get a better direction, or make more money? Courageous Change Career Services will show you how. Ready to get started? 

Leadership Resources 

Your leadership development is essential for having the impact you want. Courageous Change Leadership Resources gives Executive Coaching programs to strategically improve the way you think, the way you talk, and the way you act. Corporate programs are also available to address communication barriers, new manager training, improving morale, and getting more from your team.  Let’s talk about your specific challenges. Ready to get started? 

Salary Negotiation 

Salary Negotiation is not a battle, a test of wills, nor is it an opportunity to lie. There are three things you gain when you communicate your worth: Respect, value, and more money.  That takes confidence, risk, and respecting your future employer back.  If you fumble the ball here, you will begin a new employment relationship on unsteady ground. You must be absolutely proficient in salary negotiation to start your new work right. Ready to get started?