Train Your Loved Ones to Support You Better

How do you protect yourself from that dreaded question: “You got a job, yet?”

It’s well-meaning, (unless it’s said with sarcasm, then it really hurts). Good friends or a family member have no idea how demoralizing that one little question is.

You are already feeling frustrated that you haven’t found work yet, and now that awful question makes you want to throw up your hands and give up. But there is something you can do instead. You can train your loved ones and friends. Here’s how:

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Do You Have What It Take to Change Careers?

UPCOMING PRESENTATION: Ready to Change Careers? Time to Re-invent Yourself!

(This presentation is available for your professional organization)
Presented at Beyond Networking – STL

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

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Courageous Success Story: Right Fit Career

Let me share a recent success story. Mike is a rising star. But he hit a bump in the road when the direction he wanted to take the company didn’t match up with the owner’s vision. They had a parting of the ways and he sought me out.

Mike wanted to make sure that next time around he attracted a “Right Fit” opportunity. We worked together to create an ideal work profile and also to identify gaps that might prevent him from getting there. He wanted to be rewarded for his innovative thinking and the leadership he brought to the table. He wanted to give his future employer the most current operational efficiency methodologies and be rewarded for doing so. He was also open to re-location.

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Get What You Want – DARE You!

Fuzzy Focus? Won’t Work!

Take a hard look at what is going well with your life and what isn’t. Are you making enough money? Does your work interfere with your social life and your family? Does your work give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction? If someone were to look at your schedule, what would they say is most […]