Courageous Change offers career transition programs designed to direct career changers to get better and faster results. In addition to career change services, Courageous Change offers executive coaching, communications training, professional development, talent management, and inspiring presentations.

For effective action Courageous Change offers:

Structure and Accountability. You say you are going to make this change. When?  How? What is your plan to balance other life commitments with your career change project? What’s getting in the way? What are you going to do about it?

Discernment. Overcome confusion about who you are and what’s next for you.

Learning Curve Mastery. Minimize your career transition learning curve. If you haven’t conducted a search within the last four years or recently changed careers, chances are your approach will have some missing, yet necessary pieces.

Strategy. Learn how to influence others by compensating for your career deficits and leading with your strengths. Maximize your career transition strategy. Here’s one of many examples: If you just search websites to find work, you are using 100% of your resources in a very small portion of actual opportunity.

Keep-Going Support.  When rejection or dejection hits and you don’t have the energy to keep going, you won’t get to where you want to be. Courageous Change provides more courage, hope, and confidence to keep the wind in your sails so you will not give up or lose momentum.

Momentum Tracking. Once the career transition plan is created, Courageous Change offers success metrics and how to implement. This system makes it easy to analyze when you get off track. Momentum Tracking prevents shipwrecks and builds on what you can control.

Yet this isn’t the end of your story.  Once you are in your dream career, how will you manage what you have? Who are the inside influencers? What will be your performance proofs?  How will you position your achievements to garner a higher raise when it’s time for your salary review? Just like the beginning of your early change process, you will continue to ask the question, “What don’t I have, and how do I get it?” and “What do I have and how do I leverage it?” That’s when the real fun begins, and having a career strategist like Shary Raske will help you to continue to advance your career.

You Want a Partner Who Is:

Tenacious. Shary is known for identifying obstacles, challenges, and other considerations that might hold you back, and then partnering with you to figure out compensatory strategies to minimize the impact.

Pragmatic. One of the reasons she is effective with executives and other professionals is a keen ability to listen.  She takes in the information before making recommendations. Shary does not make assumptions, nor does she recommend before knowing the full details of your situation.

A Tough-love Advocate. If you don’t create the time for your courageous change, then nothing will happen. That’s why Shary provides guidance with accountability.

Visionary. Shary will challenge you to entertain options outside of what is obvious. She will encourage you to dive deep so you will soar high to create the life you want.