Shary Raske Headshot2As the managing Career Strategist for Courageous Change, my background includes leadership, sales training, marketing, project management, career advancement projects and staff development.

Known for being a dedicated success partner who gives encouragement, tough-love, and straightforward guidance, I don’t give up until my clients hear, “Welcome aboard!” My expertise was strengthened with several collaborations with Lucrative Careers, Inc., and Career Enterprises, both in Chicago. Though my work is national in scope, I am based in the Saint Louis region.


Before reaching age 29, I had been promoted twice to the level of Director for a 5 county program, leading four start-up projects with their corresponding on-site managers.  In addition, I expanded these new services through multiple media sources including television appearances and attracted new funding (wrote 12 different grants) that ensured continued success.

My career services work began in non-profits both as a job developer (persuading employers to participate) and a job search coach. After moving to a new state, I worked with corporate clients as a career management consultant for a nationally recognized career transition firm. Two years later, a well-known career strategist set me up in business in St. Louis, and because of this relationship, I had the good fortune of having an immediately profitable career transition business. During that time, I joined the National Speakers Association and traveled to several states either facilitating change workshops or conducting outplacement seminars. I taught how to bounce back from unexpected change, stress management, and how to get back on track.

My career strategy services helped professionals and leaders succeed. I was a sought after speaker not only for career issues, but also on topics to corporate audiences on career advancement, communicating with clarity and courage, using humor constructively, and work place productivity.

I was the first-ever MBA career advisor for Saint Louis University’s new full-time program. I strengthen placement rates even after the market tanked for MBAs after 9-11.  I then chose a very successful career in sales for six years. I also gained a reputation for training new sales people quickly and effectively. During that time, I continued my career services practice. In 2014, my business was named Courageous Change Consulting to better describe the work that I do.

What are my other passions? First of all I love nature, particularly redwood trees and large bodies of water. I grew up around the Great Lakes and water fused inside my soul. Secondly, I love linguistics and for the past 5 years I have had a dozen international students live with me while they were learning English. This love of global thinking was first ignited when I was with Saint Louis University.

Some other traits that I bring to my work:

A Voracious Learner. I have never used a “cookie cutter” approach, but instead use what is best for my clients. Three stellar influences in how I have built my business have been Robin Sheerer at Career Enterprises; Jack Chapman, Lucrative Careers, Inc. and most recently Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You to be Rich. Some have been mentors; some, teachers. What they all have in common is they are all brilliant, dedicated, and ethical leaders in the career transition field. Also, three books and one magazine never leaves my library: Transitions by William Bridges, Wishcraft by Barbara Sher, Negotiating a $1000 a Minute by Jack Chapman and the Harvard Business Review.

Knowledgeable. I grasp complex information quickly whether it is Electrical Engineering to Global Marketing to anything in between. I have extensive experience with working with both executives and professionals. That’s an advantage to hiring me. I have been constantly learning and working with professionals from diverse industries for 25 years.

Projected-oriented and work with a sense of purpose and urgency. Whether you are a job hunter, career changer, or a professional who wants a more strategic approach to career advancement, you have my complete commitment to getting you where you want to be.

Before you make a decision to work with me, let us make sure it is a good fit. If you want to win at any cost, then I am not be the right resource for you. If you want a superficial fix, then I am not the right resource for you. If you value the long game, dedication, and want to create something greater than yourself, whether that is for your family or an organization or leaving the world a better place, then I will lend all the resources available to make sure you succeed. Let’s begin that conversation by calling 314-560-1088.