Have you ever had a goal, mapped it all out, and then something got in the way?

The problem with planning strategies is to make sure that anticipated obstacles are mapped out, too.

It’s a simple matter of writing down the concern / then writing it in its opposite state as an implied goal / creating action steps to attract that goal / setting a deadline for taking action / and reporting to another person that you did what you said you were going to do.

If this is so simple why is it so easy to get off track?  Things can break down on several levels

1.  Are you asking the right question?
2.  Is the question comprehensive enough?
3.  Are you unclear about what you want?
4.  Are you embarrassed to ask for help?
5.  Are you so stuck in the “I can’t” (fear) or “I won’t” (anger) that even to consider “I can” and “I will” seems like a distance reality?

I created D.A.R.E to solve these issues and to support your success. Yes, there are challenges outside of your control, but even those might have a go-around.

What do you want?
What’s getting in the way?
How can you gather multiple solutions to make it work?
Who will hold you accountable to the actions you will be taking?
What will you do to reward yourself for keeping your promises?

This fast-paced, no nonsense course will meet by either video or phone conferencing.

We will meet every other Monday at 5 pm Central Time for 90 days.
What would it be worth to you to move ahead with less suffering and false starts?

I want you to get what you want.  Fee is only $90 for the entire six sessions.  Because this course requires mutual support, please do not sign up if you can only attend a couple of sessions. I want you to receive the power of the entire group.

Do you want to join us? Remember, isolation is a dream killer.

Shary Raske
(314) 560-1088

P.S. In addition to virtually meeting for 60 – 70 minutes every other week, you will receive email and texts from me on a weekly basis. Great tips, ideas, and encouragement. Call for the next series at 314-560-1088.

Who is Shary Raske? Shary is a Facilitator, Speaker, and Leader of Career Change.

Her passion is providing lasting solutions for professionals in their careers.  She’s been a Career Strategist for 20+ years. She offers Executive Programs, Career Change Systems, and Job Hunting Advice that get people where they want to be with focus and urgency.

She doesn’t offer quick fixes, but dives deep to what really matters. The Harvard Business Review is her favorite magazine.

Check out other resources at www.courageouschange.net.

Want More?
Contact Shary at 314-560-1088 or CLICK HERE.

90 Day Dare – Dream Accelerator / Restriction Eliminator

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