Complex Change Made Simple


Succeed with Ease

Executives often seek me out because they want a strategic and systematic approach to change. They see the value of getting outside perspective to eliminate communication barriers, improve morale, and be more charismatic, not just for their professional development, but to make the organization more money.


Get More Money 

Shary Raske is the managing career strategist for Courageous Change. Want to get faster, higher quality results? She is an industry leader in ever-changing career transition practices. Her unique approach to career change is to teach how to create opportunity from astute market analysis which gives her clients the competitive edge in discovering opportunities that aren’t even advertised, then creating value to negotiate the highest salary possible.

Once you discover who you are, you no longer live within self-imposed walls. When you are ready to stretch out of your comfort zone, what you are seeking becomes easier.  If you think about it how can anyone attract what they really want to do, if they don’t really know who they are? – Mike Garavalia

I recommend Shary for anyone who needs to develop their goals, or wants to step-up to world class communications. I have also called upon Shary to participate in my staff meetings to improve the performance of my team with great results. – Bob Klunk, Vice-President, eCommerce & Fulfillment

Reasons to Use Courageous Change Services

  • You want to be happier at work
  • You want to make more money
  • Your job is going away and you want to be pro-active.
  • You don’t like your current career path and you want a better life
  • You have tried everything and you still aren’t getting job offers
  • You want to advance at your current work and advice to figure that out

Courageous Change Success Steps

  1. Soul searching and recognizing possibilities
  2. Exploring, learning, and narrowing options
  3. Determining risk, obstacles, and market availability
  4. Deciding to move toward your goal
  5. Building credibility and momentum
  6. Making the change
  7. Celebrating!