Keep Your Promises – Optimism Builders

Feeling good about yourself can be as simple as keeping your promises and then noticing.

There are a couple of ways to notice. First report weekly to your success team you have created around your job search. Second record when you keep your promises into your career transition journal. You are creating tangible evidence that you are not sitting still.
take action on your job search

A job search is the ultimate in delayed gratification. Focus on action taken and promises kept, not the results of your action. So many things are out of your control. Will they return your calls? Will they like you? Will they bring you back for a second interview? If you focus on what you cannot control, the optimism that you’ve built will fade. If you want to build optimism, keep your promises.

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Make Some Mistakes, But Take Action Anyway

When you take action, plan ahead of time that you will not always get the result you want.

In fact, you may make a mistake or fail to enlist an important person into your cause. Plan ahead that you will want to forgive yourself and forgive others. You will make mistakes. The key is to bounce back quickly.

The tricky part is learning how to manage the fear, the panic and the self-loathing long enough to do ONE thing toward your job search. Remember, depression is a liar. If you listen to the part of you that is depressed, you might conclude you have nothing to offer, particularly if you have abused yourself with months and months of applying for jobs online and have nothing to show for it. It isn’t you. You just need a better strategy. You may have forgotten your greatness, but you can take slow and steady steps to get your confidence back.

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Get Out of Bed, or Will Eeyore Ever Change?

Discouraged job hunters can sometimes isolate and tell the same sad stories over again and over again.

You want to find work, but you don’t think you can. Is it enough to go to a job search support group to fix that? Possibly.

What does a job search support group and the characters in Winnie the Pooh have in common?

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Train Your Loved Ones to Support You Better

How do you protect yourself from that dreaded question: “You got a job, yet?”

It’s well-meaning, (unless it’s said with sarcasm, then it really hurts). Good friends or a family member have no idea how demoralizing that one little question is.

You are already feeling frustrated that you haven’t found work yet, and now that awful question makes you want to throw up your hands and give up. But there is something you can do instead. You can train your loved ones and friends. Here’s how:

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Courageous Success Story: Right Fit Career

Let me share a recent success story. Mike is a rising star. But he hit a bump in the road when the direction he wanted to take the company didn’t match up with the owner’s vision. They had a parting of the ways and he sought me out.

Mike wanted to make sure that next time around he attracted a “Right Fit” opportunity. We worked together to create an ideal work profile and also to identify gaps that might prevent him from getting there. He wanted to be rewarded for his innovative thinking and the leadership he brought to the table. He wanted to give his future employer the most current operational efficiency methodologies and be rewarded for doing so. He was also open to re-location.

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